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“I had my first lesson with Jeff this past August. My game was suffering. In fact, I was taking lessons with another instructor and my swing kept getting worse. Out of frustration I looked up Jeff and booked a lesson. After a few adjustments he had my swing feeling great. I remember when he was putting me in the proper postion he said "in about 8-10 swings we will have you right". Sure enough about 8 swings later I had the impact and ball flight that I had been striving for as long as I have been playing (10yrs). I immediately went home and bought a package (which is a great deal). I cant wait for next season. By the way, I still have two lessons on the book with my former instructor and that is where they will stay. I will only be going to Jeff for as long as I am in the New Jersey area.”

Andrew Oppenheimer


“Jeff is a fantastic golf instructor. He teaches to the individual, is creative and keeps it simple. He will not overload you with instructions, but will focus on a few simple drills to build/perfect your swing. Great guy, too.”

Andrew Provence


“Jeff is simply the best. What are you really looking for in golf instruction? Results...right?! I have referred Jeff over 10 people! And every single one of them has called me back with positive results. Whether they have corrected that annoying slice or added 30 yards to their drive, Jeff has helped them find the results they are looking for... From a personal point of view, he has cut my handicap in half. When I went to Jeff, I was a 14. Now, I am playing super at a 7. He is one of those instructors not looking just to get paid, he really wants to help you. He asks YOU what you would like to work on...not the other way around. Got to love 'em.”

Robert L. Walker


“Jeff is an amazing golf instructor. He can stare at you silently for five minutes while you swing away, and then, BAM!, fix all your woes. He has an uncanny ability to analyze form and function, see things in his mind's eye that I can't even see on video, and then make slight adjustments that bring about huge results. Whether you are a novice or an experience golfer, Jeff can take you to the next level.”

Scott Regan


“I was always very hesitant to seek instruction on my swing or my overall game until I met and started working with Jeff. After talking to him and realizing how much he knew about the game and the golf swing, I decided to give it a try. Jeff proved my skepticism wrong as much of what Jeff taught me is still a large part of my game today. When I started with Jeff, I was (what I consider) a high handicap hacker...through his creative techniques and ideas, I was able to not only get myself down to a 10, but also win an annual golf event...twice. The results spoke for themselves...Jeff is not just a 'by the book' guy and is able to take players' varying abilities and different swings into account while developing programs for the high handicapper as well as the single digit golfer. One of his best attributes as a teacher is his, calm, and collected. Overall, I would say instructors dont come in much more of a 'total package' than Jeff.”

Steven Sharf


“Golf is a real tough game to improve at. Jeff has helped me take 4 strokes off my handicap this year alone. Next year with his help I plan on take 4 more strokes off and being in the single digit handicap range.”

Andy Sellers


“Jeff is a consummate professional that tailors his golf lessons for each player and their unique needs. This is essential for a golf pro and coupled with his deep knowledge of the game, make for Jeff to be a golf pro that I would recommend to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level, whatever that may be.”

James Barone


“I have taken two one hour lessons from Jeff so far. One of the most striking differences about the way Jeff works with you is that he doesn't ask you to start from scratch and rebuild your swing. We worked with what I was doing and thanks to Jeff's knowledge we tried a few things and I have seen improvements already. I am looking forward to working more with Jeff and starting lessons for my my son also.”
Steve Carr


“I am very impressed by Jeff as an individual instructor as well as the business Jeff runs at Golf 23/National Golfworx. As far as instruction goes I am well on my way to achieving my goals in the game golf and I owe a lot of that to Jeff. From short game to full swing, Jeff has the expertise and the rare ability to communicate this to his students so we can learn and improve our total game. Jeff maintains a very positive attitude and a level of enthusiasm that is catchy! Jeff is a great listener. Jeff runs a very professional operation, with a great Website where you can purchase and book lessons, as well as watch videos and read articles.”

Rob Spedding


Jeff is a great instructor and it has been a pleasure working with him. Before starting with Jeff I had begun to think my golf game was a hopeless cause, but due in large part to Jeff's ingenuity and knowledge of the game I've finally started to make some real progress.

Paul Eckles


When my husband started to get interested in golf, I hired Jeff to give him some lessons. At each lesson my husband came back excited and looking forward to the next session. He said Jeff was not only professional, an expert, patient but a real nice person to work with. We got lucky when we found him. We highly recommend him.

Maria Luis-Brown


"Jeff has help me and my wife develop our golf swings over the past few years. He is a pleasure to work with - his knowledge, approach, and personality make for a great learning experience. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking to improve their game."

 - Chris DeMicco


"Jeff helped me become a champion caliber golfer."

Jim Lanza


"In looking to take my game to another level, I sought out a pro to help me withmy consistancy. After playing for years, I also knew that learning an entirely new swing would probably make me more frustrated than happy. In reading Jeff's web page, I scheduled an appointment for one lesson to see how his style would fit with mine. During my lesson, I had some really good shots in a row and it was hard to figure out what was causing my problem. Finally I hit a bad shot and Jeff quickly noted that my hip would sway back on the bad shots and turn correctly on the good ones. This was confirmed to me via video, which helped me visualize the issue I was having. After this lesson I actually had my best round ever (79) and figured I could use more help. Jeff found my issue quickly and corrected it. He also made minor adjustments to my swing which allowed me to quickly see the benefits on the course. If you are looking for a Golf Pro, I would highly recommend speaking with Jeff!!"

 - John Lombardi


"Jeff is a great teacher who has definitely helped me with my swing. What he has taught me over the past two years has made me more confident on the course. I have recommended him to others looking for a good pro to learn from and will continue to do so."

James Olivo


"Jeff is a highly skilled golf instructor as he has demonstrated time and again the ability to instantaneously diagnose your swing and come up with an improvement plan. My son and I have benefited from Jeff's unique blend of discipline and personable approach to playing golf. We now understand the fundamental mechanics and have improved our games significantly."

Chi Eng


"Jeff has a complete understanding of the swing from a novice, to a low handicapper. He picked up my faults immediately and corrected them, I like the way he worked with my 11 year old grandson, then my nephew, and my son. I will always use Jeff to start the season or if problems develop in my swing."

Charlie Cohen


"Jeff is a keen observer and can provide very useful tips and advise. He also has some good teaching techniques. I will continue to take instruction from him."

Raj Thadani


"Jeff has worked wonders with my son. His golf game has improved greatly since working with Jeff."

Carolyn Kerwin


"Jeff is an excellent teacher of the game of golf. He quickly recognizes swing flaws and easily corrects them with simple adjustments. His lessons are sprinkled with humor and patience. He has helped not only myself but my two daughters and my wife. After the second year of instruction with Jeff, my youngest daughter, scored a Hole in One at the 150 yard 16th Hole at Berkshire Valley on her way to card an 86. Little left to say. He knows his stuff."

Tony De Pietro

“Jeff Severini was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine who is a good golfer. He indicated that Jeff was great at working with golfers' existing swing mechanics and making them work. I always struggled with inconsistency because I did not know what I was doing right when I was and what I was doing wrong when things were going badly. Jeff helped me tremendously and will continue to be my swing coach. I went from shooting 105 to 91 in my last round due to the things I have learned from Jeff. I highly, highly recommend him.”

-James Morris


“It was a pleasure working with Jeff as my golf instructor. I've worked with may golf pros over the years and Jeff is head and shoulders above the rest. His instruction style is simple and caring. He definitely takes personal pride in making me a better golfer, no easy task. I definitely have better technique, practice methods, and lower scores I recommend Jeff highly for golfers of all levels.”

Bob Wallace


“Jeff coached me and my son Jared in golf since we both started playing... close to the last ten years. Jared's got more talent for this (wound up on HS golf team), but we both improved significantly: playing better, and enjoying how we play. Jeff is a virtuoso on the range, and it's been a special treat to do playing lessons with him and get more game strategy coaching. Jeff's also got a lot of flexibility in teaching style: lessons are very customized to need, as I can see from my own experience over the years, as well as how he'd approach me and Jared differently. He's also a great person--someone Jared and I both like and trust a lot; fun to be with, has a sense of humor, and wisdom about life beyond golf as well.”

Mark Hurwich


“Jeff taught myself and my wife for a couple of years. I am an advanced player and my wife was a beginner at the time and he helped both of us tremendously. In my opinion his teaching combines the right combination of the technical as well as feel. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff as a golf instructor no matter what level of player you are.”

John Williams


“I took one lesson with Jeff to correct my driving and in one 30 minute lesson Jeff corrected the problem and with his instructions I went out and won my league tournament the next day. I am looking forward to 3 more lessons that my wife has purchased for me and to lower scores.”

Carlos Triana


“Each time I see Jeff, he provides immediate improvements. He is amazing in his ability to analyze my swing and make subtle adjustments with instant results.”

David Weiss


The most amazing thing I can say about Jeff is that he can quickly identify and correct my golf swing issues in minutes. He is very creative in how he explains and demonstrates what the correct action should be and how to easily implement these steps to see immediate results! I highly recommend Jeff Severini.

Michael H. Brown


Jeff is very personable and a veteran golf instructor. He enjoys his works and conveys enthusiasm and his love of the game to his students. He works within the physical attributes of his student and make sugggested improvements that fit and work within the proper framework of that student.

Michael Tormey, Esq.


“I've known Jeff since college but we haven't seen each other in many years. I was pleasantly surprised to run into him at Golf 23 a few months ago but when I discovered he was the Golf Pro there - I was ecstatic. He not only gave me some valuable tips, but he also assisted my 2-friends as well. That just shows Jeff's eagerness to teach. I have continued to receive personal training sessions with Jeff and he has helped me tremendously. Not just on swing improvements (as I am hitting the ball much farther & straighter than ever) but my strategy & understanding of the game as well. I've been playing for 8 years but have never taken a lesson before- so this has proved to be very valuable to me. The most important thing that I remember from Jeff's personal training were that he can improve your golf game IMMEDIATELY. Most of my friends that took lessons got much worse on the course initially and then started to slowly improve. But most of them just abandoned what the instructor was trying to get them to do and went back to their old ways (out of frustration). Jeff's lessons were immediate and have started to build my confidence and passion for the game....not the opposite. I am looking forward to working with Jeff during the off-season & getting back out there in the spring!!!”

- Tom Spirito


“I would recommend Jeff to anyone from beginning to expert. He challenged me with my new driver and on the first day I was hitting it a smooth and straight 200 yards. He has tremendous patients, exceptional confidence and great knowledge of the game. He is also quick to respond to emails and is professional yet personal. When you work with Jeff you will see results fast.

Lynda Zajaczkowski


“I went to Jeff totally fustrated with my game. After several lessons i was totally enjoying the game again. I am now hitting drives 250 yards and getting on the green on two.I began to understand when I am not on my game what's needed to be done to correct it. Jeff is very thorough in his explanation of the principles of the swing and offers encouragement every bit of the way. Don't even think of taking up the game unless you see this man first. Oh and don;t forget to ask Jeff to hit a 250 yard drive on his knees!!”

Steven Kling


"Simply the best. Jeff is one of the best golf instructors my family and I have worked with. I would recommend him to anybody who wants to achieve their best game. Phenomenal results."

Lydia Charles


"Jeff represents the definition of a "professional." He is dependable, focused and thorough. He has worked to accommodate my demanding schedule and is willing to focus on aspects of the game that are important to me. The amazing thing about it is that he finds a direct way to clearly explain why something should or should not be a "priority." Jeff is an outstanding teacher who manages to keep our sessions interesting. I have really enjoyed my lessons and can say with confidence that I'm enjoying the "results" of those lessons even more!"

Christopher Mutone


"Jeff has a great way with people, and helped turn my weak slice into a strong draw. Shot my best golf rounds consistently in the 80s when I was working with him. I am planning on getting my 4 yr old a set of lessons to get him an early start."

Niku Shroff


"Jeff works on increasing you strengths a eliminating any weaknesses. He sees your success as his own and works hard to achieve your goals"

Theresa Denny-Rivkin


"Jeff knows his golf and successfully got me swinging through a series of lessons. Now I enjoy the game and have a solid basis to keep improving. Jeff is also fun and intersting to be with. He combines his golf prowess with a winning personality and sense of humor."

Charles Kenny


"Jeff is the most practical and personable golf instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I don't get to play that often anymore, but thanks to Jeff's instruction, I now can feel confident every time I step on the course. Thank you Jeff!"

Steven Elkin


"Whenever I had a golf problem, I went to Jeff for help and each time he has had a solution and with some slight adjustments was able to bring my swing back to where I want it to be."

Gene Foti


"Highly recomended teaching pro. Keeps it very simple and adjusts to your skill level. Really knows how to approach a swing change."

Keith Majors


"What can I say, Jeff is great!!! I could only imagine where I'd be if I practiced more when I'm not working with him. I've done several packages, including a full round of golf with Jeff. Well worth the value/time. He's passion and dedication are admirable and that fact that I find myself decompressing and laughing within minutes after a rough work day only adds to my lesson all around! If you're looking for a Golf Instructor, I highly recommend Jeff!!!"

Christie A Smith